Cable Machinery Manufacturer, Rigid, Skip, Planetary, Tubular & Laying Machine


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    Supply The Most Valuable Stranding Machine And Laying-up Machine For The Companies In Cable & Wire Industry.

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    To Create More Value For Our Clients

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    To Meet The Needs Of Customers And Improve The Ability Of Innovation. No Best, Only Better!

Hejian Baohong Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional Stranding Machine manufacturer which produces Rigid Stranding Machine, Laying up Machine, Tubular Stranding Machine, Planetary Stranding Machine and Skip Stranding Machine. The founder Mr Cheng has spent more than 30 years in the wire and cable machines manufacturing industry. With a wealth of experience, Mr Cheng started the company in 2006. In the beginning, our company is very small, less than 10 workers and less than 1000 square meters. After a long period of development, we can produce Rigid Frame Stranding Machine, Fork Stranding Machine, Tubular Stranding Machine, Planetary Cage Stranding Machine, Cable Making Machine, Skip Stranding Machine and Various Auxiliary Machinery. Now, Baohong Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. covers an area of 10000 square meters, production workshop 8000 square meters. Our company has 60 employees, including 10 R & D staffs. Annual output value is over 10 million dollars at present. Baohong Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the



The cage stranding machine is used for stranding Cu Al wire, ACSR and insulated wires with back-twist. It also can steel-armoring or Cu-screening the cables.

Planetary Cage Stranding Machine For Insulated Cable Core, Copper & Aluminum